Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pictures of the week:


Pictures of the week: From floods in Britain to a giant Spider man invasion in the U.S
Here's the pick of the pictures around the world this week

1. Torrential rain and strong winds brought flooding to Britain this week. 
A man died in Somerset after his car became trapped in a river. 
Hundreds of homes were left without power. 
The bad weather is set to continue into the weekend (PA)

2. President Barack Obama kisses Myanmar opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi. 
He was the first American President to visit the country (PA)

3. Incense smoke wafts past the face of an Indian Hindu devotee as she prays as part of a ritual at sunset in the 
holy Yamuna River during the Chhath Puja festival in New Delhi. Chhath prayers, an ancient Hindu festival popular 
amongst the working class, is performed to thank the Sun God for sustaining life on earth (PA)

4. A waterspout was recorded off the coast of Batemans Bay in Australia. 
The giant funnel of cloud and water did not cause any damage (AFP)

5. An Israeli soldier stands on top of a military vehicle near the Israel Gaza Border. 
A ceasefire was brokered on Wednesday  after eight days of conflict. 
So far a total of 166 Palestinians and six Israelis have been killed in the latest round of violence (PA)

6. Icicles form on a tree as the afternoon sun melts the snow in Banff National Park 
near Lake Louise, Canada (Reuters)

7. An isolated house sits in the middle of a newly built road, because a Chinese couple refused to sign an agreement 
allowing for their home to be demolished (Rex)

8. Part of Whitehall was cordoned off on Friday after a naked man climbed onto a statue (PA)

9. t was only after photographer Iurie Belegurschi got home that he realised the photograph he took of the famous 
aurora Northern lights had the eerie image of an alien face in the sky (Caters)

10. "Eyeballs", the wild owl, was captured and taken to a sanctuary in Devon after terrorising residents in Northam. 
The eagle owl attacked a poodle and gardener and was becoming a danger to children (Caters)

11. Americans celebrated Thanksgiving with a traditional parade in New York City. 
The Spider man balloon makes its way down 6th Ave watched by thousands of spectators (Reuters)

12. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, released personal photographs of her time in Malaysia with Prince William. 
The amateur photographer took snaps of the jungle and mountains. Here she captures a tall tree rising above the jungle 
canopy (REUTERS/Duchess of Cambridge/handout)

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